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Workplace Safety & Health Policy


Statement from Mr. Lau Meng Lee, Director of Mega Petroleum Inspection Pte Ltd

As a service provider to the Oil & Gas Industry, Mega Petroleum Inspection strives to provide quality and reliable Inspection services to all our clients. We are committed to conducting our activities in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy environment for our personnel, our clients and members of the public.

  • Our company strives to fully integrate a comprehensive Health & Safety framework into all aspects of the organisation through a process of continuous improvements.
  • We aim to achieve our goal of minimising workplace accidents by educating and instilling the importance of Health, Safety and Environment awareness through training and communications.
  • Our Management team and all supervisory personnel promote a proactive Health and Safety management philosophy based on effective communication and consulting, systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards and the encouragement of innovation.

The management of Mega Petroleum Inspection Pte Ltd:

  • Shall comply with relevant safety and health legislation in Singapore;
  • Shall communicate our Health & Safety Policy to all employees;
  • Shall take adequate steps to create a hazard free and healthy work environment by mitigating hazards inherent in the work environment within reasonable means;
  • Shall review the policy at regular intervals to ensure its relevancy;
  • Make the Safety and Health policy available to all interested parties; and
  • Will strive to continually improve our risk management plan to uphold this policy.

This Workplace Safety and Health Policy applies to work activities, business operations and assets owned by the company.

Lau Meng Lee
Mega Petroleum Inspection Pte Ltd
June 2012

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